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Within a short period of time the pet-earth GmbH company has established itself as a technological leader of premium cat litter on the European pet market. The pet-earth products, based upon natural resources, are produced in Germany. Our location is situated in a logistically ideal place, close to the A2 motorway  between Hanover and Bielefeld.

  • - On site quality control                                                  pet siegel
  • - Fast order processing
  • - Production of customers own brands
  • - Reduction of import duties
  • - Small runs of differing packaging sizes
  • In 2008, after having successfully established our brand 'Golden Grey' premium cat litter on the international market, we expanded our product range by adding another two new types of cat litter.

The first of those, ' Golden Pine' is a clumping litter made with renewable pine wood that satisfies our requirements for a pure organic product. The 'Golden Pine' is free from any chemical additives and is totally biodegradable.

The second,  'Golden Odour'  is an innovative Bentonite  'clumping'  cat litter which is fragrance- free.  An  added organic absorber acts to eliminate cat odours, resulting in the litter having no smell.

Our premium products are available in many parts of Europe. Should our products not be obtainable through your usual dealer, you can order direct here in our shop. Quality and service guaranteed!

Jesper Bach Sørensen